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When I decided to start my own business, like most people, I wanted to start with a logo that would reflect who I am as a professional and clearly depict what my services are through the design. The design had to be classic, slightly elegant, clean and epic. I knew exactly who would be able to make this happen. Katie Brown is known as the ‘go-to’ designer for cutting-edge design in the equestrian industry. I came to our first meeting with ideas and examples as to the direction I wanted to take. In less than an hour, she had asked me detailed questions about my business, my goals and where I wanted to take my brand. In only 1 round of designs, the Hall & Co. Equestrian logo had been created. From the launch of my business, the logo has been celebrated with many asking who the brilliant designer is behind it. The biggest compliments come from those in the imprint, embroidery and personalized service industry. The logo is clean and easy to apply in every application – apparel, giftware, blankets, etc. The best part is that each time I look at it, I’m proud of what it says about me and what I do for a living. – Brandon Hall, Hall&Co. Equestrian

Hall & Co. Equestrian

Katie is a gifted creative. As a writer she built the social presence for demanding brands like KFC, Neutrogena and Clean and Clear. She was a key member and shining light on our successful Royal Winter Fair pitch team. As a designer she can turn the most boring keynote decks into gold. But beyond all that there’s a depth of magic and goodness to Katie that I can’t really put into words. Most people would probably say Katie’s spirit animal is a horse but I disagree. I say unicorn.

Andrew Cherwenka