The first step to ensure success for your business is creating your remarkable identity. We will create a unique and custom expression of your brand that will remain consistent across print, digital, social – essentially your entire presence as your company grows.

Clients & projects are selected based on timeline availability to ensure project attention and fast turnarounds.

Choose a package that suits your timeline and needs:

• 1hr Brand Consultation Call
• 2 Custom Logo Designs
• 1 Round of revisions
• 1 Social Media Avatar
• Primary Colour palette
• Secondary Colour Palette
• One-Page Style Guidelines
• .eps, .jpg, .png

• In-person Brand Consultation
• 3 Custom Logo Designs
• 3 Rounds of revisions
• Custom Social Media Avatars (Tw/FB/IG)
• 3 Social Post Templates
• Primary Colour Palette
• Secondary Colour Palette
• One-Page Style Guidelines
• Business Card Design
• Stationary Design
• .eps, .jpg, .png

Perhaps your existing branding needs a refresh and applied to a trade show booth or you need paper sourced for your newly branded business.

Contact us for a custom branding project.