Social Media

The conversation about your brand is going on with or without you. Wouldn’t you like to be able to steer that conversation and tell your story, access more clients and connect with industry partners? You’ve come to the right place. We offer packages of social media services. You don’t have to burden your secretary, teenage kids or summer student who will go rogue to ‘teach english abroad‘ with all of your social logins. We can manage that for you and give you the control of your own properties.

Think of us as the best Instagram Husband ever!

Get started or revamp your current social channels. We will work together to create your content, inspire and manage your community.
This package includes:

• Facebook and Instagram
• 1 monthly content shoot
• Custom content creation
• Schedule/deploy daily content
• Social ad buy recommendations
• Modified community moderation
• Connecting with industry partners
• Alignment with marketing plan

The name says it all. This package is our total social media offering. You will have access to our full creative services to propel your social media presence into award winning territory, on autopilot – except, we will be piloting it for you.
This golden package includes:

• Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter
• Custom content creation
• Schedule/deploy daily content
• 2-3 monthly content shoots
• 4 social videos per month
• Social ad buying
• 24hr Community moderation
• Connecting with industry
• Influencer strategy/outreach
• Marketing plan strategy

Packages come in all different sizes! Which means we can create a custom social package just for you. Perhaps you need community management only? Or some really engaging video content to boost your presence.
We’re also experts on Facebook & Instagram Ad Buying, so ask us the best way to spend your ad dollars to reach your goals.

Don’t be shy – reach out to us!

Katie has experience creating, managing and growing audiences for a variety of clients.
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